Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kalola goes to war against this ...

A toilet? Just an ordinary toilet where I've been know to flush with pride. Okay ... you didn't need to know that.

So why did I go to war against a toilet? Let's see ... this morning started out pleasant enough until ... you guessed it ... the toilet refused to flush because ... well ... it was plugged up! Lovely! I so love a challenge on a Saturday morning (she says while muttering a few $%^*!!@@!!! words). I needed to solve the problem fast because we had to head out to pick up our son Jim.

So I chose this as my weapon.

After several attempts, I realized I had to bring in a more powerful weapon. So I tried this:

Several more attempts, and then I chose another weapon (I thought for sure this "snake" would frighten away whatever was plugging the toilet):
Alas, my foe was not to be defeated. I decided it was best to walk away and live to fight another day (or should I say later in the day).

We picked up Jim and went about our day as planned. When we returned home, I decided to face my Goliath. After searching on-line for tips on how to unplug a toilet, and after several more attempts at using the aforementioned weapons, I did this.

I turned off the water to the toilet. I removed all of the water in said toilet (trust me, I would not have done that if the water had been most foul). And then I poured some warm water in the toilet and plunged away. At last ...

Cue Queen singing "We Are the Champions!" How sweet the sound of a flushing toilet!

And how did you spend your Saturday?

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Amy said...

Good job! I too like the sound of a healthy flush!