Sunday, December 13, 2009

Spiritual Nourishment

DH and I met with the bishop last Sunday. The bishop is a very, what I consider, humble and down-to-earth man.

We revealed to him that my paycheck is being garnished. After listening to us and going over our finances, he told us that the Church would help us with food. He was ready to arrange for the RS president to come to our home to see what our needs are. We told him that for this month (and possibly next month) we have enough food to last until I find out if the garnishment is going to be reduced. He did tell us that he would like to see us out at Church.

Today DH and I went to Sacrament Meeting. Maybe this sounds corny, but I came away feeling "spiritually nourished." I came away with good feelings about the Church. Then I made the mistake of reading some of the comments here.

Now I'm beginning to question if I'm only fooling myself that I will have positive experiences at Church. Am I just "pink clouding?" In others words, am I in "a state of temporary artificial euphoria?"

I am so confused.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Please send some prayers my way ...

My little family is in a dire financial situation. I learned yesterday that my wages are going to be garnished. That means a huge, and I do mean huge, amount of money will be deducted from my paycheck. I am going to submit a Claim of Exemption to reduce the amount. Please say a prayer for my family that all will work out.

And here it is rapidly approaching Christmas. I wanted so much to make this a special Christmas for Jim.

The "Grinch" has sure made a most unwelcome appearance in our home.