Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"The Tongue of Angels"

"The Responsible Woman" by James C. Christensen
[An artist best known for painting imaginative art which brings out the child in all of us.]

Do you speak with the "tongue of angels"? Are your "words, like your deeds, filled with faith and hope and charity?"

I was visiting the blog Modern Molly Mormon and came upon a reference to a talk given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland at General Conference in April 2007. Elder Holland's talk is titled "The Tongue of Angels."

I will admit that I definitely fall short of speaking with the "tongue of angels." That is often made painfully clear to me when my son asks: "What's mom angry at now?"

How easy it is to let loose with hurtful words, especially when we're stressed out. Elder Holland had this to say:

The voice that bears profound testimony, utters fervent prayer, and sings the hymns of Zion can be the same voice that berates and criticizes, embarrasses and demeans, inflicts pain and destroys the spirit of oneself and of others in the process.

I think back to words that were spoken to me that wounded my spirit. Words like: "You're fat. You're stupid. No one likes you." I cringe now to know that I too am guilty of not thinking before speaking.

I reflect on how many times I lost patience with my son and used a harsh voice with him. Has my son forgiven me? I believe he has, especially when I hear him say to me: "I love you mom."

I will strive to think before speaking any hurtful words. It won't be easy. These words of Elder Holland are so true:

In all of this, I suppose it goes without saying that negative speaking so often flows from negative thinking, including negative thinking about ourselves. We see our own faults, we speak—or at least think—critically of ourselves, and before long that is how we see everyone and everything. No sunshine, no roses, no promise of hope or happiness. Before long we and everybody around us are miserable.

I will strive to remember this:

Our words, like our deeds, should be filled with faith and hope and charity, the three great Christian imperatives so desperately needed in the world today. With such words, spoken under the influence of the Spirit, tears can be dried, hearts can be healed, lives can be elevated, hope can return, confidence can prevail.

Peace and Love, Kalola

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House of Joy said...

Love that talk. I have to try hard to remember to "be nice...:

I think you do wonderful in that area. You always seem so gracious and classy.

Hope you have a fun weekend!