Saturday, November 1, 2008

More Prayers

When will I wake up from this nightmare? Not only am I grieving over what happened to my husband today, but I just learned that a blogging friend is missing. I was checking on Kathleen at her blog so grateful to be mormon where I read this post:

October 29, 2008

This is aleese , kathleen’s daughter if anyone knows anything please contact her family we’re worried sick looking for her everywhere she’s been missing 4 days. . please if anyoen knows anything or has any information. We’ve tried so much calling the police and making a missing person statement callign anyone we can think of but no one seems to know anything. her cell number is (907) ***-**** she hasn’t picked up her phone for everyone but it’s still on that i’m sure because it rings so i know it must be charging bc it wld be dead by now if it weren’t. Her family all of us miss her terriably we’ve contacted the church they’re helping too, I love my mom and i need her this is killing me my dad and my sister for teh first time in my life i saw my dad break down in tears, i’ve cried so much adn now i can’t feel anything i jsut want to knw my mom is ok. we just want to know she’s safe, she’s been having a terriable time with her job and she didn’t want to go on monday, adn she never made it. we dont really know what else to do but we’re not giving up, the 3 of us r stickign together.

I then read these posts on the blog of one of Kathleen’s many friends:

October 30, 2008
I know a few of you visited her blog so I thought I would post this here. Kathleen at So Grateful to be Mormon is missing. No, this is not a joke. Her older daughter called me yesterday to ask if I had heard from her in the last three days. She never showed up for work on Monday. The last I heard was a phone call on Sunday night that I couldn't answer and she didn't leave a message. If anyone has heard from her at all or who knows her whereabouts please speak up. Her family is very worried. They have notified the authorities and called everyone they can think of. She hasn't answered any calls. We'd all just like to know she is okay. Please say a little prayer for this sweet mother that she is comforted and will find her way to safety and home. Thank you.

October 31, 2008
I just called Kathleen's and she said they found her truck. She had been pulled over earlier Monday morning by a state trooper because she hit a guard rail but she explained she was sleepy and he let her go. Her truck was found by the water up somewhere I can't remember but somewhere she wouldn't normally go alone. Her stuff was in the car, phone too, but she and the keys were gone. The other side of her truck was pretty banged up and the mirror missing but nowhere around. They have no idea if she hit something or if someone hit her or if it was just vandalized. They did a search and rescue and didn't come up with anything. The police said it would take a few months for her remains to show up if she went into the inlet and there could still be foul play involved. They don't know anything for sure though and of course she could still be okay. They impounded the truck to look for more clues. She said they are running a story on it tonight on ABC in Alaska channel 13 if you want to look for it- I haven't looked yet. I pray she is safe and they can find her. Her Dad doesn't want her on the internet much because she does not know all of us (understandably!!). So- that is what I know as of right now. I know the family is not doing well at all and could still use our continued prayers.

My heart is aching for Kathleen’s husband and daughters. I, too, pray that Kathleen is safe and that she will be found. Kathleen has been there for me many times. So many people love her.

Praying for Kathleen

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Tracy Ngu said...

Wow, that is so scary! I will keep Kathleen and her family in my prayers! I hope they find her soon!!