Saturday, November 5, 2011

One Nation Under God

"Christ is holding up the U.S. Constitution while behind him are the Founding Fathers and other patriotic heroes from the past two centuries speaking to us from the dust. They are asking us to remember the foundation of our country's greatness and the liberties defined under the Constitution.

"The fact that Christ holds the Constitution is very significant. I believe it was a God-inspired document. I believe God holds this country in the hollow of His hand. The Constitution gave Americans the kind of liberty unknown elsewhere in the world.

"I believe our country has been gradually weakened over the years, and we are reaching a tipping point. In the front of the painting, on the left side, are your strong Americans. On the other side are those who I believe have weakened the country."

"The painting One Nation Under God is very symbolic, and I wanted it to be that way to cause people to study it and ponder its message. I hope people will understand my feelings as they learn more about the meaning of the painting."
-- Jon McNaughton

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