Monday, February 15, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The ...

can I do today over?

The day started out pleasant enough. Steve pulled out two "Dick and Jane" books to share with Jim. Steve read some stories and we all had a good laugh. "See Dick. See Dick run." "Oh, see Dick. Oh, oh, oh. Funny, funny Dick."

Think I'm making this stuff up? Take a look at these pages:

That was the "good." Now for the "bad."

I've written before that I'm a total techno-virgin. I found out this morning that it's not a good idea to push buttons on a digital camera that "delete" photographs without knowing what you're doing. This is how I felt after I learned I had deleted all of the photographs stored on the memory card.

Okay ... so the woman's not holding a digital camera, but you get how I felt and still feel. Christmas photos of Steve and Jim ... gone! Photos of one of Steve's brothers and his wife from their visit to us last weekend ... gone! Blasted digital camera!!!!

But all was not lost this weekend. I learned we have a duck in the trunk of our car. No ... really!! On Saturday I was putting grocery bags in the trunk when a man parked next to us asked "Do you have a duck in your trunk?" I didn't have a clue what he was referring to, until Steve told me that he ... well ... how can I put this delicately? He let one rip. He didn't know the man was by us, so he tooted his horn. The man thought for sure he heard a duck. Even as I write this, I'm still laughing. So here's my husband, Steve the duck.

So how was your weekend?

Steve did give me an adorable Valentine ... one without ducks.

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Anonymous said...

Some camera shops can restore deleted memory cards. I'm not sure on the cost but my MIL did that last year and they were able to retrieve all but one of her pictures.